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Address: A' Bao Industry Park, No.10, Cichang Road, Henggang Town, Shenzhen, Guangdong

TEL: 86-755-28672626


FAX: 86-755-28673127

Domestic: 136 7000 7006  Mr. Xiao

Export: 135 3805 9595  Miss Peng

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Shenzhen Shenlin Plastic Products Co.,Ltd£¨original shenlin plastic products factory)is mainly engaged in developing and producing series of  high scale excellent quality simulation plant, flowers and grass. Our products are unique, distinctive artistic style, as well as the exquisite production craft. We supply design and manufacture and also installation services.

Products:Palm trees,Coconut trees,Flowers,Jujube trees(Phoenix Dactylifera),Mexican Jujube,Date palm,bamboo,Banyan,turf,Man-made grass,Plantain trees,Banana trees,Cycas,Orchid,Borneo Giant,Mango trees and so on.

Founded in 1995, Shenlin was a group type enterprise, had three entire capital subsidiary companies: Shenzhen Shenlin Plastic Products Factory, Shenzhen Shenlin Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Co.Ltd, Shenzhen Shenlin Trade Co.Ltd.The enterprise is located in No.10,Cichang Road,A Bao Industrial Zone,Henggang Town,Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Provice,China. Owing to the excellent reputation and the strength which as well as expands day by day,our factary has covered the marketing network outside each place.We export the  Simulation plant which has the environmental protection function to Japan, Singapore, Russia, US and many other countries and regions, receives the customers¡¯ good commentary ,and maintain the long term business relationship. Our administrative policy: to take people as the foremost, Humanist and institution coexistence. Our quality policy: Never produce defective goods,never accept and supply defective goods.Factory management idea: High efficiency, high quality, high prestige.   We can manufacture various different specification simulation tree according to the customer¡¯ different demand; Welcome to have the cooperation intention customer zealously to attempt processing according to supply sample, or to purchase announcement room existing product.